Application of cloud computing at library and information centers

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Pertaining to the 5th law of library science, library is a growing organism. Today we are living in the age of information and with modern technology. A well equipped library is the heart of any higher education and also helpful for the growth of national economy by providing information on time. Internet is one of the greatest technologies of this millennium; it revolves around advancements in ICT applications in all the area of our routine work. Library is place where information is gathered, stored and retrieved by the patrons. Now-a-days information is available only on online and in digital format and the need of information is high. So the librarian should use the modern technology to store the digital information in a wide number which can be retrieving by various users.  Such technologies are Web 2.0, server virtualization, cloud computing etc…  And this technology can be used to store more information at libraries as content creation, storage, e-learning, archives etc…  Data storage is the basic task of any library; hence this paper gives the clear picture of impact of cloud computing at libraries.



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