Un desirable behavior in Class: Reasons and Solutions

Amal Riyadh kitishat, Hana Mahmoud Al -Freihat




School discipline is considered as a main part in the teaching process. No doubt that class-management and self –discipline inside class play a major role in the success of the educational strategies. Even teaching using the best update curriculum will be useless if there are  no rules that prevent the undesirable behavior from interrupting the teaching process .Above all ,conflicts inside class will distract teachers' efforts because they will waste much time in solving problems that arise inside class instead of using time in teaching . Therefore, this study aims at discussing the causes of the undesirable behavior that the experts of education face in the class. Also, the study will give solutions for the undesirable behavior. Finally, the study will state some recommendations for scholars to take into considerations so that the environment of the class will be free from any behavior that cause distraction for the teaching process.


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