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The free amino acid profile of cocoa nibs as a result of hydrolysis by proteolytic enzyme from wastewater of latex Hevea brasiliensis processing on cocoa nibs were monitored for 8 hours. Pepsin enzyme is using as control. There are similarities profile of free amino acids produced by the enzyme from wastewater and the pepsin enzyme. If using proteolytic enzyme from wastewater, the acidic free amino acid concentration decreased by 4.739 %, whereas hydrophobic and other free amino acids increased by 10.257 % and 15.497 %, respectively.While the pepsin enzyme provide the decrease in the acidic free amino acids by 18.08%, and increase the hydrophobic and other amino acids by 11.24 % and 13.70 % respectively.

Key word: Free amino acid profile, acidic free amino acid, hydrophobic free amino acid.


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