Simulation of Power Losses improvement at 5 Bus System with Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Using the NEPLAN Software

Indra Jaya, Najamuddin H, Muhammad Tola, Wihardi Tjaronge


This paper represents a simulation of power losses improvement at 5 bus system with Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) using the Software NEPLAN . In electric power system the power flow on transmission lines is a function of the parameter line (ie: line impedance, voltage magnitude of sending end and receiving end, phase angle between voltage of sending end and receiving end. UPFC as one of the Flexible AC Transmission System Devices (FACTS-device) can control the third line parameters, either separately or simultaneously. By adjusting the power magnitude in UPFC, voltage magnitude in series and shunt converter (VSE and Vsh), simulation result of placement of UPFC in the system 5 bus using the Software Neplan, indicating that the voltage on the bus increases, losses in transmission lines has decreased significantly and certainly Loadability and Available Transfer Capability network (ATC) to be increased.

Key word: Unified power flow controller, Power losses, Availability of transfer capability, NEPLAN


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