Space Technology for Crop Monitoring of Bangladesh

suraiya begum


Bangladesh is an agricultural country .So, its development depends predominantly on food security as well as on agriculture. Rice is the main crop of the country. The main rice are Aus , Aman and Boro.  The crop monitoring using the space technology and satellite data has a great potential to provide the near real time information on crop growth condition, production and damage of crops due to natural disasters like cyclone, flood, drought etc. Timely and accurate information about the natural resources like crops as well as environmental conditions play a significant role for the sustainable development of the country. Thus such type of study is necessary to help the decision-aids of disaster management and national food security policy. Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) conducts monitoring of crop and weather in this regard. 
In this paper, crop monitoring using space technology towards food security of Bangladesh, will be discussed.

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