vijay kumar, madhavi latha


Abstract: In this paper, we define the ternary operations and their properties. These ternary operations are used in the ternary semigroups and in their theorems. We proved some theorems under the certain conditions of ternary semigroups and equivalent classes are used in the ternary semigroups. We introduce the notion of ideals in ternary semigroups and their properties and in this paper, we generalized the decomposable mapping for  sets

Keywords: Ternary Operators, ternary semigroup, permutations, holomorph, Identity of a semigroup, inverse, Abstract coset, zero element, Ideal, bi-quasi ideal, coset, unit element, decomposition mapping.

L.Vijaya kumar* V.Madhavi Latha**

Department of Mathematics,

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University-Srikakulam,

Andhra Pradesh, INDIA-532410


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