Energy Diversification for Self Improvement of water quality

bayu parlinto


Land use changes on the upstream side of West Tarum channel contributed to the water quality decline on downstream side, thus the Jakarta’s water purification installation located on the downstream need to make an effort to improve/control the raw water quality.

The raw water quality control concept on downstream side is done by reformulation modeling concept of an integrated gradual reduction on water utilization as material and as energy.

Reformulation of water function as a matter and an energy in West Tarum Barat channel is done by gradual reduction integrated the input water quality by optimization the potential energy and savings the fossil fuel consumption and carbon emission reduction.

Self water quality control modeling on the West Tarum channel with energy diversification program will support the clean development mechanism program of Kyoto Protocol by the reduction of CO2 emissions and according to principles of environmentally sustainable development.


Keywords—Water quality control, energy diversification, modeling.



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