Entela Treska, Shpresa Thomaj, Kozeta Vaso


Zinc is one of the microelements with an essential role in biochemical body function regulating. Deficiency of micronutrients during pregnancy may give rise to complications such as anemia and hypertension. We analyzed 50 cases of pregnant women, including anemic and normal pregnancies, (control group). Serum zinc level was measured directly using by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (VARIAN AAS-220), these were measured at the same time using Colorimetry, in a way that we could compare the results. According to a statistical data processing, there was no significant difference between two methods of zinc levels determination. The prevalence of zinc deficiency in the age group of 20-30 years old, was higher than in age group of >30 years old, due to the zinc increasing request in younger women because of their growth. In different fetus age, there was a significant change due to the maternal zinc requests. Pregnant women resulting with zinc level <70µg/dL were marked as zinc deficient patients, whereas those with zinc level >70µg/dL as normal patients. Serum zinc levels in 17 cases (34%) was in normal range (>70µg/dL), whereas in 33 cases (66%) was below normal range (<70µg/dL). Without an adequate nutritional request, the person may fall in zinc deficiency condition.

Keywords: zinc and pregnancy, zinc normal values, serum zinc levels. zinc determination.




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