A case study on Bathymetry and SST Mapping using Landsat-TM Data over Coastal Area of Bangladesh

Mozammel Haque Sarker, Mozammel Haque Sarker



Coastal bathymetry is important for monitoring the emergence of new land, navigational channel maintenance as well as for fish resources tracking purposes. But coastal bathymetry undergoes frequent changes due to coastal processes such as erosion and deposition of soil.  As a result, hydrographic charts in these areas have to be updated frequently. But Hydrographic surveying by conventional ship borne sounding technique is slow and expensive. Remote sensing techniques can be used with limited ground observation to study and monitoring these changes. The unique character of the shorter wave length visible channel, such as blue (0.45-0.52µm) has the ability to penetrate water to a significant depth and generates radiance that reflects submarine albedo. Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is important for climate modeling, study of the earth's heat balance, atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns and anomalies (such as El Niño/La Niña) in global scale. It is also important for tropical cyclogenesis. In local scale it is used as an indicator of the environment required for the living of some marine biota. Conventional techniques of obtaining SST is time consuming and expensive. Again, the satellite remote sensing techniques found very useful. A number of studies have been performed on bathymetry and SST mapping using TM, AVHRR and MODIS data but most of the studies have been conducted outside of Bangladesh.

In this paper, an attempt has been made to prepare a digital map showing the distribution of bathymetry and SST using Landsat-TM data over coastal area of Bangladesh. The average water depth depicted this image in between 1 to 12.5 meter. The distribution of SST varies of location. Higher the surface temperature at the location near the shoreline compared to location farther. Distribution of higher temperature contributed by suspended sediment and residential area.

Keywords: Bathymetry, SST, Hydrographic, Environment, Remote sensing



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