Issues in Higher Education

seema bhasin chhabra



Higher education occupies a place of special importance because it can provide ideas and personnel to give shape to the future and also sustain all other levels of education. At present our education system is one of the largest in the world, but most chaotic. This system is in a state of considerable disarray   characterized by a total lack of motivation and vision. The system is threatened both by within and without. Some of issues and concerns that have brought us to the present state, when the very existence of the system is in danger have been identified. And the measures should be taken up on a priority basis. Education  cannot  achieve  and maintain its  excellence  unless the policy makers , planners  and those  responsible  for implementation  are able   to support  its   thrust  in a positive development and societal growth. Thus, this paper discusses some of the issues and concerns in quality direction. Higher education is a fundamental right of all people. It is also an investment in personal development and societal growth .Thus, this paper discusses some of the issues and concerns in quality Higher Education. The thrust of the paper is to show possible opportunities available for movement towards excellence and relevance i.e. towards quality in real sense.


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