M Sjahrul, Andi Makkasau, Noor Jalaluddin


Growth patterns and the toxity metal ions Cd2+ on phytoplankton nannochloris in medium conwy. In this study, has investigated the interaction of metal ions Cd2+ conwy presented in the culture medium of phytoplankton types nannochloris. Culture series made ​​with and without the addition of metal ions Cd2+. Observation of the growth pattern will be determined parameters nannochloris specific growth rate, the percentage of growth inhibition, and toxicity testing. The results showed that the pattern of growth in the medium conwy nannochloris without the addition of metal ions Cd2+ (control) had the highest growth curve. In the culture medium were added metal ions Cd2+ 0.25 mg/L chart shows the same pattern of growth relative to the control. On the addition of metal ions Cd2+ concentrations above 0.25 mg/L, can lower specific growth rate nannochloris reinforced with rising prices spsifiknya growth inhibition (PGI). The results of the statistical analysis of the different test form on exposure to metal ions Cd2+ nannochloris indicates that the concentration of metal ions Cd2+, which does not affect the growth of nannochloris is at a concentration of 0.01 to 0.25 ppm, and the highest price that can be tolerated concentration (MTC) by nannochloris on concentration of 0.25 ppm and the concentration of metal ions Cd2+, which causes a decrease in the growth rate by 50% relative to the blank EC50 = 0.849 ppm.

Key Words: Nannochloris, Metal ion Cd2+, spesific growth inhibition (PGI).


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