Implementation of Six Sigma methodologies to improve the library services: An overview

Radha @ Nagalakshmi Lakshmanan


Six Sigma has been a prevailing methodology used by numerous sectors of manufacturing organization around the world. Six Sigma is also considered as a business management strategy and a well-structured approach to reduce process variation and waste. The concept of Six Sigma methodology was pioneered at Motorola in the 1980s with the aim of reducing quality costs. Six Sigma methodologies have evolved into a statistically oriented approach to process, product or service quality improvement. It is a business performance improvement strategy used to improve profitability, to drive out waste in business processes and to improve the efficiency of all operations that meet or exceed customers' needs and expectations.

Design for Six Sigma is a powerful approach to designing products, processes and services in a cost-effective and simple manner, to meet the needs and expectations of the customer.  Library management has been an important and exciting topic in both academic research and practical conduct now days, hence applying Six Sigma will improve the quality of the library, quality service with maximizing the users’ satisfaction, on time delivery, cost effectiveness and totally efficient library management. The aim of this paper is to help widen the scope of six sigma application in Library Management.



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