A Study to Analyze the Health of Export of Electronic Hardware & Software from India

Kalpana Agrawal, Rohit Raghuwanshi, Harshit Baranwal


India has immense potential for growth of exports in various sectors. Electronic Hardware & Software sector is one of them. The Electronics Industry in India came into existence sometime in the mid 60’s with an orientation towards space and defence technologies. This initiative was driven and controlled by the government and the public sector enterprises. It was soon followed by developments in Consumer Electronics mainly with transistor radio, black & white television, calculators and miscellaneous audio products. Colour televisions followed thereafter. The year 1982 came as a crucial year; the Government allowed thousands of colour televisions sets to be imported into the country to broadcast the Asian Games held in New Delhi. Subsequently, the electronics sector has highly advanced in the present era. The purpose of this research is to determine the export potential of various electronic hardware from India on the basis of their past export performance of various electronic items from. The present study is based on the available statistical data so acquired, to derive export potential from the country. This study will help stake-holders in encouraging and initiating the exports of concerning sectors along with the sustainable growth and that will definitely lead to promotion of exports of India.

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