Feasibility of Improving Queuing Management in Nigerian Commercial Banks

Yohanna Ali Timothy


The perceptual queuing situation in ATM Machines and Banking halls in Nigerian commercials Banks was continuous without any proper management. As such customers waiting for service delivery on queue claimed that the problem could not be solved. For this purpose survey of four (4) commercial Banks was carried out to examine the basic causes of queuing formation and management ability of improving Queuing management. It was discovered that queuing situation was as result of low rate of Bank service which  indicated by 75.71% where customers spends unnecessary Long time waiting for service in Bank halls and ATM Machine to an extent that they become inpatient and even quit from the Queue. The poor stage of queuing management is attributed to determining capacity in decision faced by Business. Great attention was not paid to customers waiting on Queue. It was recommended that a comprehensive plan and action need to be formulated to solve basic queuing problems by providing comfortable shelter and services to customers, The Manager must make sure enough cashiers are place on canters and adequate installation of ATM Machines to reduce the Queuing situation.

Key Words: Feasibility, Queuing, Management, commercial Bank.


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