Research on National Competitive Advantage of Kazakhstan's Petroleum Industry

Ualiullina Tamara


Today, oil is the most important strategic resource in the world. With the economic development, the demand for oil continues to increase. Kazakhstan is the largest oil exporter in Central Asia and borders with largest oil importer in the world, with China. It makes Kazakhstan's oil industry become the focus of violent competition among various countries. Firstly, this article elaborated on the international status of Kazakhstan’s oil industry and quantified its competitiveness using the index of comparative advantage as an indicator, and selected representative countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and China for comparison. It has been found that although Kazakhstan's oil reserves are far less than those of major oil countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia. But for Kazakhstan the oil exports have a higher position in the country's exports than above two countries, indicating the importance of the oil industry to the national economy. Thus, in this article, relevant proposals are put forward on four aspects, including the modernization of exploration and mining technologies to increase production capacity, strengthening political orientation, attaching importance to creating an export enterprise brand and increase the level of innovation in the industry.

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