Brand love as a mediator between brand experience and brand loyalty

Anastasiia Prus


The purpose of this study was to propose and test an integrative conceptual model which incorporates brand experience and and behavioral outcomes in form of brand loyalty through a mediator factor of brand love for Xiaomi smartphone users. The conceptual model and proposed hypotheses of the study are analyzed with a sample of 202 consumers by using a structured survey as a data collection instrument. The findings of the study demonstrate strong associations between both positive and negative brand experience that leads to brand love and results in brand loyalty, both high and low, that correlates within the variables. This study also corroborates the mediating role of brand love in form of passion, intimacy and commitment, that may differ from customer to customer. Both customers of the local market and overseas were researched that gives outcomes and background for more detailed future investigation. It is expected to contribute to the field of brand management by investigating the simultaneous impact of experience-based and non-experienced-based antecedents on brand loyalty and the mediating role of brand love on the association between brand experience and future brand loyalty which has not been addressed in the previous literature.


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