Entrepreneurship Challenges: What stops fresh graduates to enter into new startups in India

Sandeep Kumar


Entrepreneurs are very vital for social and economic growth of the society in general as their innovative ideas bring the fuel to run the industries. There is no qualm that they are considered the souls of the entire body of the industrial structures. Every year hundreds of thousands students pass out from various universities, but only a fraction amongst those intend to start their own venture. The main reason is preference of job for the reason of fixed income every month. Even those who give a thought to begin a startup, back out due to family pressure / responsibilities or have certain apprehensions which stops them to pursue their dreams. The penchant for a job over starting a business is also one of the major reasons of unemployment in the country. University graduates are highly educated and have lots of energy and potential to make it big if The main motivation behind this article is to explore the reasons why fresh graduates dissuade themselves from following their dream of entrepreneurship.

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