Study on the development of Power market in Laos

Souksavanh Toutou


At present, Laos power market is faced with practical difficulties such as “too fast development of power stations, imperfect power grid, open situation of export, difficulty of electricity fee recovery”, but this is a phased problem brought by rapid development, and these difficulties are not complicated. Under the call of “one belt and one road” construction, China and Laos will be able to join hands in tackling difficulties, and tide over difficulties and achieve win-win results. Cooperation between the two countries in the electricity market is worth looking forward to, and this cooperation is expected to become a benchmark for the development of the two sides’ economic development. This paper will further analyze the import and export situation of Laos’ electric power, the general situation of Laos’ economic development, summarize the existing problem, and provide suggestions for the further business development.

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