Determinants of Female Literacy of Scheduled Tribes in Odisha

Atal Bihari Das, Dukhabandhu Sahoo


This paper examines the determinants of female literacy of Scheduled Tribes (STs) in Odisha, which is one of the tribal dominated states of India. Based on secondary data the determinants of literacy are explored for ST females. The study analyses the results using Sophers’ disparity index and multivariate regression model. The findings clearly indicate that literacy rate is positively related to male literacy of STs, per cent of ST teachers, per cent of female teachers and per cent of schools within habitations, and negatively related to per cent of schools without teachers, per cent of ST population, wage rate, dependency rate, female work participation Rate and poverty. Interestingly, a negative association emerges between women’s work participation and female literacy. The findings in the paper suggest that the government needs to initiate special efforts to increase the participation of ST females in education like provision of incentive schemes for girls, appointment of teachers in schools having without teachers, opening of schools in each habitations in the remote rural and tribal areas of Odisha.

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