ACCESS TO EMPLOYMENT IN THE NIGERIAN LABOR MARKET: case of skilled and unskilled workers

Moussa THIAW


For most African countries, the issue of employment is one of the main challenges of inclusive growth. 11 million young people enter the labor market each year, while the sub-Saharan Africa labor market offers only 3 million jobs, a gap of around 8 million jobs per year (AfDB, 2017). From this study, we evaluate, using a multinomial logit model (MLM), the impact of human capital on the chances of access to employment in the labor market in Niger, with data from National Survey on Household Living Conditions and Agriculture (ECVMA-2011). The results show that a significant increase in human capital allows to a skilled job in the Niger labor market.

JEL Classification codes : E24, J23, J24, J4

Keywords : Human capital; skilled ; Unskilled ; Employment; Labor market ; MLM ; Niger.

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