Exponential Growth of Business Schools - A Paradigm in Emergence: An Imperative Need to Transform Management Education and Development

Lakavath Mothilal


Rapid technological advancement coupled with ever increasing interconnectedness has been opening the global opportunities for everyone, amidst rising global population and declining resources. It is an imperative need of management professionals to deal with newer and dynamic challenges in the public or private systems. Often newer challenges require varied solutions that can come from critical thinking younger generation management graduates and quality of tomorrow’s professionals is the result of today’s efforts in educational systems. Present scenario of management education presents a bleak future as most of our educational policies and systems are designed to produce mediocre professionals. Therefore, it is need of the hour to reengineer and transform most of the management programmes the way they are offered. The paper discusses the present scenario of management education, prerequisites for quality of management education, sustenance of quality, pedagogical tools and future outlook.

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