Telecom Sector Of Singapore: A Study On Major Mobile Network Operators In Singapore

Ashwarya Doomra, Shubham Bhardwaj


A telecom company is one that offers telecom services like telephony as well as data communication. Singapore has telecom companies that are also Internet service providers. The major players in the telecom sector of Singapore are Singtel, Starhub and M1. Telecom players have to constantly adapt to the changing consumer needs and demands and change accordingly. Consumers are price sensitive and as there are many options to choose from they opt for the one that delivers maximum services in minimum cost. The players in the telecom sector have to be vigilant and continuously give promotions and discounts. Their goal should be not only capturing the customers but also retaining them as they have many more options to choose from. They should provide good services as that is the only way to survive in the highly competitive market. The three major players dominate and there is no room for more competition entering the already competitive and saturated market. The products and services offered in the telecom industry are similar and thus players have to find a way to differentiate between their offering and the competitors offering. A sad truth to this sector is that the population of Singapore isn’t increasing and thus the market is already saturated. How to get more consumers to use your services in the limited market poses as a challenge to the major telecom players.



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