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This paper discusses the case of Afghanistan as a potential business hub for South Asia with tremendous investment opportunities as well as inherent issues and Challenges. It relates the story of Afghanistan being transformed from a War torn country to a sovereign republic with high hopes and immense possibilities. Despite being land locked it is having a very strategic location as being surrounded by six different countries and having access to Central Asia on the north ,middle east through Iranian border  on the west and Asian countries like China on the northeast & Pakistan on the east as well as south. Moreover the completion of the new trade route through Chabahar port in Iran  and the Silk-route trade project has worked wonders for them as it can provide a business corridor through Afghanistan connecting South Asia with Central Asia as well as Middle East. This has a very special significance for developing this country as a potential business hub. Further Afghanistan’s membership of SAARC, ECO & OIC along with observer’s status in Shanghai cooperation Organization (SCO) can also be helpful in fostering business opportunities on regional basis. This research has mainly highlighted the business investment opportunities in various sectors of Afghan economy. Although facing the challenges such as religious jingoism, threats from Taliban and ISIS, conservative outlook and  Corruption this country has never looked back in last 15 years after the downfall of Taliban. The Information Technology revolution also has tremendous impact on this country as it is providing immense opportunities to both men as well as women folk to initiate entrepreneurial activities. After a long history of fierce violence and bloodshed in the past, it is really fascinating to imagine this country to be a new business hub for south Asia. This seems a reality as Afghanistan has been bestowed with immense natural resources besides the strategic location. The need is only to harness those resources efficiently as well as effectively. The resolve of the hardworking Afghans along with the support from government as well as international community is helping to accomplish this objective and also trying to change the image of this country. The youth in this country can prove to be the potential game changer and need nurturing through proper education and training. The steps have been  taken in this direction by the Government as it is coming  up in a new ‘Avatar’ (incarnation) as a facilitator for providing business education with the help of the government as well as private sector International Institutions and it’s various Ministries and agencies  are promoting avenues for investments in various sectors of the economy. The overcoming of various physical and mental barriers such as fundamentalist attitude and tendencies creating security concerns, rampant corruption, conservative outlook & Underutilized abilities of Women has become the main focus areas for them. Several impediments in the path of progress have been overcome in the past decade and the relentless efforts still going on, are providing a Silver line shining in between the clouds.  Women have a special role to play in this as they can prove to be new pillars of economic development in this country. The nurturing of entrepreneurial abilities in them is a relatively new phenomenon  in Afghan society which is predominantly traditional and male dominated. Moreover the proper enforcement of Law  The process of  Creating Equals among Un-equals’  has already begun and there is a famous proverb that “Well begun is half done” These seemingly ‘Small steps’ can prove to be a ‘Giant leap’ for the development of this Country in the future.  The major learning outcomes from this research are concerning

  • Journey of Afghanistan from a War torn country to a sovereign republic
  • Entrepreneurial abilities of Afghans
  • Investment opportunities in various sectors of Economy
  • Changing role of the Afghan government as a facilitator with “Socially responsible Business Strategy”

Target Usage: The use of this research paper is multifaceted such as

1.)    Apprising the Management students as well as global readers with the immense  possibilities in Afghanistan to become a major business hub for south Asia

2.)    Apprising the Business entrepreneurs  regarding investment opportunities in various sectors of Economy

3.)     Motivating the girl students to be women entrepreneurs and contribute towards national development

Keywords: SAARC, ECO, OIC, Avatar, Giant leap, Jingoism, Fundamentalist,

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