Demographic Dividend of India-Hit or Miss

mani Arora malik, Hareem Tariq


By the year 2020, the average Indian will be only 29 years old, compared with 37 in China and the US, 45 in West Europe and 48 in Japan this revealing fact shows the demographic dividend of country.  More working hands means more income for the nation and more expenditure but this will also ensure that there is a rise in the living standard of the people of the country which obviously is a good sign for the economic growth of the country. The working population being more than the dependent population is beneficial for the economy and how the opportunities can be exploited ensuring optimum utilization of resources of the country.

This paper focuses on the issues involved in taking advantage of the demographic dividend and how to overcome these issues, the strategies involved in optimally utilizing the present situation which will not only ensure that there will be a rise of national income but also it will be an overall development of the nation and upliftment of the standard of living of the society. This paper highlights the key development areas on which India is already successful and the areas in which it is putting efforts to develop a forte. Some crucial steps are also suggested which are required to be taken by the Indian Government to encash the demographic dividend window.

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