Exploring Emotional Intelligence Competencies in Physician Leaders of US

Venkatesh Jeganathan, Balaji Dhandapani


A theory of behavioral competencies associated with emotional intelligence that influence job performances are tested in physicians who hold leadership positions in their organization. An emotional intelligence competency (EIC), survey that measured eighteen competencies distributed among four cluster groups was administered to physician leaders and their supervisors, peers and direct reports. The resulting 360 degree assessment permitted a comparison of the physician leaders self assessment scores with one another and those working closely with them. In addition, independent objective and subjective measures of physician leadership effectiveness were available for comparative evaluation. Eleven of thirty-four physician leaders who volunteered to participate had complete profiles and five others had several surveys submitted. One hundred and two self and other surveys form the basis of this exploratory study. Descriptive statistical analysis revealed results restricted to the upper half of the five point Likert scale. Participating physician leader scores often exceeded mean scores from peers, direct reports and supervisors. Specific EICs clustered at the upper and lower ends of the distribution. However, the results range was sufficiently restricted only relative differences were observed. The results of the analysis are discussed and refinements applicable to future studies considered. The association of particular EICs and leadership styles are also addressed in the context of the participating physician leader results.

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