Sadhana Prajapati


This type of experiment is not the first time in the banking sector of India, many times before it has happened. For reforms in the Indian banking sector, merger was done in 1991 to create a three-level structure with 10 national banks in 1991, in which about 49 have been merged.

With the State Bank of India five associate banks and Indian women bank can be called the biggest merger of 2017. Because keeping in mind the quick action and changing backing pattern, it is probably the decision of the State Bank of India. State Bank of India does not have any similarity with other commercial banks, but merger strengthens its strategy.

State Bank of India is known as India's largest lender bank. In the month of April, the Indian women bank and five other banks were included in it. The result of this will be the result of what will happen in the future. In the coming quarter, it may be that the expected result is not seen, but the merger has always been a good result, and everyone is aware.

The modern competition period, which has not only brought national status to the State but also the State Bank of India on the national level? With the help of merger, State Bank of India can achieve its place in the top 50 banks in the world.



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