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A limited level of employees’ organizational commitment was appeared to be one of the main findings from a number of recent studies on organizational commitment. Many research findings show that organization culture plays a role in determining the commitment level of employees. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of organizational culture on organizational commitment at public hospitals in Adds Ababa Structured questionnaire was used for collecting data. Organizational Culture Index and Organizational Commitment Questionnaire instruments were used to measure the independent and dependent variables of the study respectively. The gathered data was statistically analyzed with SPSS version 20.Sample of 405 respondents were chosen from 10 public hospitals in Addis Ababa from the target population of 10800 through stratified and simple random sampling techniques. Out of the 405 questionnaires distributed, 365 copies were returned and 305 copies are valid (90.12%response rate) and used for analysis. Correlation Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis along with other statistical tools were used in testing the research hypotheses. The correlation analysis suggested that the relation between innovative and supportive culture with organizational commitment was positive and significant. However, the results showed no significant relationship between bureaucratic culture and organizational commitment. The multiple regression analysis result indicated that among the three organizational culture dimensions, innovative culture had a significant positive effect on organizational commitment. Finally, public hospitals in Adds Ababa recommended to give more emphasis on improving the innovative and supportive culture instead of bureaucratic culture as the later showed no significant effect on employee commitment.

Keywords; organizational culture, organizational commitment,  public hospitals, medical staffs


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