Krishnanand Tripathi


This research measures relationship among employee participation and organizational commitment in targeted organizations. Organizational Commitment is measured through open interval model results, rational model results and human relations model results. Data collected from Textiles, Pharmaceutical and Telecom companies operating in Mumbai by using questionnaire with sample size of 219. Correlation and regression analysis is used to establish relationship amongst the variables and to prove the hypotheses. Results confirmed that Organizational Commitment increases when there is active participation of employee in organizations.

Organizations which delegate the authority to employees perform well as compared to those who don’t. Organizations who allow their employees to work in teams proved/shows more performance level than those who have non-team based/individualistic structure. This study has identified two kinds of direct participation which is associated with organisational commitment. It therefore has clear significance for proving a positive relationship between Employee participation and organisational commitment. The outcome of this research supports the argument for more participation of employees in decision making and work autonomy. No negative effect of Employee participation was found to exist in either prior research or this study.

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