Impact of Macro Economic Events on Global Stock Markets

Chaitanya Ch, Srirama Athreya Mukunda


Stock markets are the barometer of an economy and whose health inturn depends on the macro and micro economic events that took place across the globe. The event may take place at a particular focal point but its Sesmic waves hit across the markets and shake them equally to its tunes. The investing community across the world would always try to venture into safety heavens. When a negative news floods into the market, the investors will liquidate their positions in panic selling and result in down fall of markets and vice versa.

Therefore an attempt has been made by the current empirical study to know the impact of various global events from 4th Aug 2015 – 6th Jan 2017 on different stock markets from across the globe and their sustainability during the study period. The paper also tries to understand how well integrated are international markets and the activity of investors and their sentiments by using their trend movements and Levene’s test for equality of variances by using SPSS software.

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