Lakavath Mothilal


Economic progress of India for the last two decades had profound impact on tourism sector making it as the second highest foreign exchange earner. Tourism had contributed to the progress of several industries directly and indirectly and provides an employment to about 20 millions. However, the demand for tourism had been far higher than infrastructure that can support. This had been adding to the woes of tourists’ in the form of traffic congestions, inadequate availability of accommodation, lack of affordable and reliable transportation. Unhygienic and adulterated food outlets are very common. Clean washrooms, tourists’ security and lack of proper audits of tourist centers add to the problems. Facilities for tourists are very meager and insignificant help lines even at some of the major tourist places are unthinkable in modern India. Government needs to add capacities in order to sustain the high growth of the tourism sector which is concomitant with the economic progress of the nation. Capacity addition is an uphill task for the government although, future of tourism sector is expected to be extremely well as Indian economy will progress rapidly even beyond 2020 as per leading international consultants.

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