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In information technology industries   occupational stress  is a  big issue.   Stress is  an unpleasant or negative experience which causes workers psychologically and mentally depressed state.  It may lead to health disorders such as musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal   problems.  It may also lead to harmful emotional and physical reactions whenever the worker cannot satisfy the requirements of the job.  In Information technology industries employees have to work   maximum of  12 hours depending upon the assignment of work.  Some times in order to complete the work they have to work even in late night which leads to mental disorders.  Nature of work condition is the main issue in IT companies. They have to satisfy both the management people as well as the customers. Even a  delay  of  one day to complete the work may lead to big problems.  Employees have to face the  critical situation from both sides.  Administrative polices and strategies will force the employees to complete the work  within the prescribed time limit. Apart from  these occupational demand and ineffective communications also lead to work stress among the employees.  So, this is a global issue prevailing nowadays in IT industries.  In order to assess the nature and causes of the work stress among the employees of IT companies in Banglaore  a few companies have been selected and the data was collected from 300 top management people .  The collected data was entered in excel package and  in order to know the opinions of the respondents  for the causes of stress such as work conditions,  administrative polices and strategies, role ambiguity, occupational demands,  ineffective communication and other reasons for the stress  percentage analysis was made to find out the major causes of  stress among the employees and in order to test its effectiveness Structural Equation Model was employed using AMOS software.

Keywords: Stress, cardiovascular disease, occupational demands, administrative policies

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