A Study on Factors Influencing the Purchase Decision of Customers With Reference to Smart Phone

Ramesh Kumar, srinivas shilam


Understanding the factors which influence the buying decision of customers is very crucial for any marketer to formulate the appropriate strategies to compete in the market. The present study is aimed at ascertaining the level of influence of various factors on the purchase decision of customers in case of a smart phone. The study covered different marketing  aspects  like brand popularity, price, offers/discounts, after sale service , advertisement, and some selected features of a smart phone namely camera resolution, RAM size, battery capacity, O.S, memory size(Internal and External)networks(2G/3G/4G), selfie Cam flash.

The sample size for the study is 125. A structured questionnaire was administered on sample respondents to collect the primary data for the study. Appropriate statistical tools namely weighted average method and Standard Deviation were used to analyze the data. It is found from the study that the brand popularity and battery capacity of a smart Phone are the most influencing factors in purchase decision of customers.

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