An Attitudinal Exploration In To Sustainable Environment Among Manufacturing Industries: (An Investigation on Societal and Environmental Dimensions, Case of Ethiopia- Tigrai Regional State)

Amanuel Teklay Gebremichael, Mebrat Aregawi Weldemichael


In recent years the scenario of business has come under an unprecedented level of denigration and criticism highlighting its role in a number of social, environmental and economic issues . Accordingly, the result implies that, these manufacturing industries have made a significant change in attitude and they have allegiances to different environmental organizations. However, a lot needs to be done especially to reduce the environmental impact on inhabitants living around those large manufacturing industry. Moreover those large manufacturing industries are acting unilateral on the field to reducing environmental impact in which they are expected to work together with community and other concerned parties. Consequently, the study revealed that those manufacturing industry should use sustainable environment programs to introduce themselves to local inhabitants by giving something valuable in relation to environmental concern to the community when entering new areas so that they can gain acceptance to perform their business. This work intends to offer a solution to encourage the business owners and practitioners to take action in the wake of the current environmental challenges it also help environmental researchers to maintain a higher degree of collaboration with the business arena.

Keywords- Sustainable Environment, Community, manufacturing industry

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