A proposed conceptual TQM model for implementation to enhance business excellence for North Karnataka manufacturing SMEs



The purpose of this paper is to present a proposed conceptual total quality management (TQM) model for implementation to enhance business excellence for north Karnataka manufacturing small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The development of this model is based on the TQM literature review, the structured interviews, and general characteristics of 295 Manufacturing SMEs in the northern Karnataka firms. This model provides the users with a number of practices, drawn mainly from the northern Karnataka firm’s experiences in general and their failures and problems in particular. The present study attempts to fill the gap by identifying the critical factors of managing the manufacturing SMEs quality, and proposes a holistic conceptual framework for the implementation of TQM in the manufacturing industry. The benefits of this model helps its users in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their TQM implementation, targeting their improvement areas, setting up an action plan for improvements, and tailoring a special part to the needs of their firms. The conceptual model for TQM implementation dedicated to the manufacturing SMEs and guides them through from the start to end of the TQM implementation process.

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