Diabetic Patient Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Centre In Madurai District Tamil Nadu



Diabetic Patient Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Centre in Madurai District

Tamil Nadu




The primary health centers (PHC) play a major role in providing primary care services to the rural population in the state of Tamilnadu. It is manned by a medical officer supported by 14 paramedical like staff nurses, ancillary nurse mid-wife, pharmacist, lab technician and other staff. On an average, each PHC treats 144 out-patients per day 61 in patients per month and conducts 15 deliveries per month. There are 213 PHCs with only one medical officer, a lab technician and 90 PHCs without a pharmacist. About 126 PHCs are functioning in rented buildings only 28.4% of health centres have at least 4 beds. Besides the lack of infrastructure, PHCs have reported a 3.5% increase in out-patients per day, 38% increase in inpatient per month and 12.5% increase in deliveries per month from the above discussion, the condition in PHCs indicates that on one side, the PHCs face the problem of manpower shortage and lack of infrastructure and on the other side show an increase in performance. This situation interest the authors to understand more above health professionals perception of support from public health departments. There are 49 PHCs. With the ageing of the population and the advances in the treatment of chronic diseases, the teamwork in the context of chronic diseases needs to be re-examined patients with chronic diseases have to pay repeated visits to PHC clinics, usually for the rest of their lives. These patients are usually more difficult to satisfy patient satisfaction is the extent to which the patients feel that their needs and expectation are being met by the service provided. It has been a widely recognized indicator of quality of care in medical practice. A cross sectional study was carried out among a representative random sample of registered patients, at randomly selected two PHCs in Alanganallur, Nagamalai Pudukkottai.

*   R.Srimathi, Ph.D scholar Madurai Kamaraj University.

Mail-id : ssrimathi01@gmail.com  Mobile No. 9095311080.

**Dr. J.Fredrick Dean and Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, N.M.S.S.VellaichamyNadar  College,

Nagamalai, Madurai – 625 019. Mail –id : freedyjohn@yahoo.co.in Mobile No : 9994110770.



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