A comparative study on perception of Omani customers and expatriates on banking services using PZB’s SERVQUAL MODEL with reference to Bank Muscat

Mallesh Tummala


The objective of this study is to evaluate the customer perception towards retail banking sector services in Sultanate of Oman. It is an exploratory study conducted to find out the most important factors that are affecting service quality and consumer perception of both Omani nationals and expatriates. A sample of 200 banking customers was drawn from bank Muscat in various branches of Nizwa city. The SERVQUAL model developed by Parasuram, Zeithmal and Berry, was used to develop the questionnaire and from the model all five dimensions (i.e. tangibility, responsibility, reliability, assurance and empathy) were used to elicit the information on customer perception on banking services. The study resulted in no perceptual differences among the Omanis and expats on banking services mostly, at the same time there are few differences of opinions among these two categories of customers. This study suggests that SERVQUAL is a suitable instrument for measuring service quality in the retail banking sector in Sultanate of Oman. Hence, banking industry practitioners, researcher scholars and students can consider this instrument as a tool to assess and improve the service quality.

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