Indian Graduates and their Employability: An Indian Scenario

Priyanka Verma, Rooble Verma, Manoj Verma


Skilled workforce has always been the most sought after desire of the corporate world in the global scenario. India has always been a country that has given to the world quite able administrators, business leaders, bankers, IT professionals, management experts, doctors, engineers and professionals in various fields. But looking at the population and the graduates in various streams there is a big question as to what percentage of the graduates passing out are skilled work force? Are they 100% employable? Are they trained enough to solve the industrial and corporate problems? These concerns are for the students pursuing engineering, management or any other course. Every new report conducting research on young graduates passing out from Indian educational system raises a lot of questions that need to be answered by the people at the helm of affairs. The corporate houses, educationist, researchers are all concerned about the quality of the students passing out each year. This paper is an endeavour to explore the reasons for the dismal state of employability of the young graduates and the requirements of the job providers from these students. Efforts are made to identity the key areas of concerns of both the students and the employers and to provide suggestions regarding the steps that can be taken to improve the positions of the job seekers and the job providers.

Key Words: Indian graduates, employability, education system, standards, skills


ANNUAL REPORT 2013-14 Department of School Education and Literacy Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India.

Jaipuria, Sharad. “Reforming the edu-scape”The Times of India. August7, 2015.

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