Economic Growth and Climate Change: Causes for the Impacts of Climate Change on Human Beings.

P kanakarani


Environmental degradation is closely associated with economic growth. The economic growth of a country depend on its industrialisation which in turn leads to initial  increase in the exploitation of raw materials as well as the use of water ways and air as repositories for industrial waste. Today’s advanced economies and emerging economies cause enormous damage to the environment particularly on air and water systems due to  industrialization. This paper discusses the economic growth of advanced countries and BRICS countries and their role in climate change for the last two decades. This paper observes two things. First, fast rising GDP growth substantially increases the pollutants which are responsible for climate change.   Secondly, the impact of climate change on human beings varies from region to region which, is not only influenced by the emissions of greenhouse gas and also by other socio-economic factors. Therefore, identifying the specific causes for climate changes and implications of environmental policies are of utmost importance to control the impact of climate change on human beings and also the ecosystem.

Key words: Climate Change, Economic Growth



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