A study on customers’ perceptions towards ICICI bank services



The objective of this study is to evaluate the customer satisfaction in the retail banking sector in Hyderabad. It is an exploratory study conducted to find out the most important attributes of service quality in retail banks, which can be used to evaluate the characteristics of banking service quality as perceived by customers. A sample of 160 retail banking customers was drawn from the ICICI Bank in Hyderabad. The questionnaire developed for this study was based on a SERVQUAL model that identified the influence of five dimensions (i.e. tangibility, responsibility, reliability, assurance and empathy) in banking service environments on customer satisfaction. The results indicate that the five SERVQUAL dimensions have a positive influence on customer satisfaction. Reliability, Tangibility, Empathy and Responsiveness were more significant in contributing to customer satisfaction, while Assurance was given less preference. This study suggests that SERVQUAL is a suitable instrument for measuring service quality in the retail banking sectors in Hyderabad. Hence, banking industry practitioners, researchers and students can consider this instrument as a tool to assess and improve the service quality.

Keywords: SERVQUAL, Service quality, Customer perception, Customer satisfaction, Banking industry, Hyderabad.


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