There is a necessity to deeply transform the agriculture sector. Farmers earn low income from agriculture and the irregular weather turn their crops to dust. Hence there is an impulse to bring agriculture revolution for sustainable development. On searching on the solutions, an industrial hemp- Cannabis sativa, a low cost annual crop might be considered as a trillion dollar super crop. Hemp was our first agricultural crop, and remained the planet's largest crop. Its cultivation not requires chemicals, pesticides and can be grown in rotation with other crops. Hemp farming is completely sustainable. Today hemp is being cultivated mostly by China, Hungary, England, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, India and throughout Asia. There is currently renewed interest in once again growing this versatile crop. While hemp faces significant legal obstacles due to its close relationship to the marijuana plant, there are a number of states, are moving toward reviving the hemp industry. This review paper is intended to highlight the core of highbrow commercial plant, the industrial hemp and its impact on ecosystem. In addition to that it will provide a platform to focus more to cultivatesucharesourcefulplant.

Key: agriculture, revolution, hemp, commercial, sustainable.



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