A RESEARCH REPORT ON IDENTIFING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BUS PASSENGERS’ ATTITUDE AND THEIR LEVEL OF SATISFACTION ( With Reference to Public and Private Sector Bus Transport Service Industries in Tamil Nadu , Chennai )

Dr. Gajendran Arumugam


Measurement of passengers’ level of satisfaction is too difficult since it is related to the psychological state of mind. An attempt is made in this study to understand the passengers’ attitude and level of their satisfaction on services provided by both public and private sector bus transport industries in Tamil Nadu. In addition to this, a brief report is made about the existing services, delivery of services, how far the passengers using those services and the reasons if any for their preference towards the particular service provider. The main aim of this study is to analyses the demographical factors , level of attitude and relationship between the Passengers’ attitude and level of satisfaction. So that we can improve the existing services of service providers based on the opinion of the passengers who travelled in buses from Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT). Also this study attempts to get the opinion of the passengers about their attitude towards the quality and types of services provided the service providers at appropriate level or not. The researcher also expects that this article persuade many researchers to do further research in the related area and believes that the facts and found points that expressed by him through this research article will be more helpful to the state government, private Omni bus transport operators to upgrade their quality standards of bus transport sector based on the passengers views and opinion.


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