Differences in the amenities of road infrastructure in the regions of Slovak Republic

Jana Masárová, Eva Ivanová


Regional development is affected by a number of factors: natural resources, labour resouces, production activities and infrastructure. Road infrastructure as a part of the transport infrastructure is one of the important assumptions and factors of social and economic development of countries and their regions. This is particularly true in countries where road transport is the largest compoment of overall transportation, such as in Slovakia. In this article we explore the differences in the amenities of road infrastructure (motorways, expressways, 1st class roads, 2nd class roads, 3rd class roads) in the Slovak regions and their development in 2005-2014. We explore the length and density of road network and superior road infrastructure in the regions of Slovak Republic. The regional differences in the regions of Slovakia we measure by the coefficient of variation and the localization coefficient. We found that there are significant regional differences in road infrastructure in Slovakia, in recent years they have been decreasing.


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