A Study on Service Qualities and Customer Satisfaction. Special reference with Private and Public Sector Banks Functioning at Tamilnadu. India.

Ramesh Venkatraman, Manimaran Sundaram


The vital part of any economy relies mostly on banks.  In Severe competitive environment the banks has to survive or success by the customer satisfaction. This paper interested to measure the delivered quality service dimension from the perspective of customers. The sample study performed in three private and three public sector banks of Tamilnadu state of India. The present study focuses the various aspects related to bank industry namely the BANKSERV factors, internal and external service qualities and customers’ satisfaction. The BANKSERV instrument was adapted from SERVQUAL designed to allow customers to reflect on their expectations and perceptions in single statements. Multiple regression analysis used to test the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction. Concluded as service quality is an important antecedent of customer satisfaction also the internal service quality is having a significant impact on the external service quality offered by the bank.



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