Financial Communication in New Millennium—Challenges & Opportunities (A Study with special reference to the Sultanate of Oman)

Sushil Kumar Sharma


The flow of corporate money has never been so global, financial regulations so universal, and the competition so fierce. Amidst this cut-throat competition, the survival of any corporate depends upon the true and honest communication with its stakeholders. Transparent and trustworthy communication is crucial in maintaining the interest of its stakeholders, executing the successful corporate deals, and determining the exact share prices. In the aftermath of recent global economic recession, especially in the United States of America, the corporate across the globe, need to maintain the diminishing faith among its stakeholders. This emphasizes the need for transparency in communication with different constituents of corporate i.e. investors, shareholders, market regulators, employees, suppliers, buyers, sellers, government agencies, and the public at large.  Amid this growing environment of mistrust, the role of a communication professional in understanding and communicating financial information becomes more crucial than ever due to volatilities in the markets, failure of companies, scams in accounting, and swindling of investors’ hard earned money. There seems to be a prevalent crisis of reliable information about corporate. This fall in the trust provides an opportunity for communication professional to restore the faith of investment community. The Sultanate of Oman is a small yet flourishing economy, which is largely unaffected by the global meltdown. The present paper tries to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by the financial communicators, presented by the current international economic crisis.

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