Dubai EXPO 2020 - Exploring the drivers impacting sustained changes in UAE Economy



Dubai let out a whoop of joy on being chosen the official host of EXPO 2020, thus ending months of speculation, anxiety and curiosity of all concerned. While the tiniest of doubts as to the result of this most awaited and abetted race were being squashed; a new series of concerns and meditation were germinating throughout the business community. The scope and scale of events that would necessarily follow in the aftermath of this historic moment are worth pondering upon. Among the opportunities and  facilities that present a wide array of possibilities and promises, a few are coined such as a trade boosting strategic connect between the East and West; an international airport thrumming with commercial/ non commercial flight; opening of the brand new Al Maktoum International  Airport etc. Barring a few exceptions, such events in the past generally have had a significant impact on the host countries’ economic climate and therefore remain a major area of concern. In this article we discuss the effect of EXPO 2020’s on certain sectors of UAE that are critical to its progress and how that will further impact the economic climate of this country. The forthcoming event heralds key changes in the real estate, trade and commerce, hospitality and infrastructure sectors which will eventually prove drivers of growth and development in UAE.

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