Influence of Customer Loyalty Programs on Buying Decisions

Jeevananda S


Satisfying customers is one of the main objectives of every business. Businesses recognize that keeping current customers is more profitable than having to win new ones to replace those lost. Management and marketing theorists underscore the importance of customer satisfaction for a business’s success. Customer loyalty program is one of retail marketing strategies with many benefits for both the customers and business. The customer’s loyalty is one of the important tool or way for brand awareness. The retailers have to design loyalty programs and make it more communicable and meaningful for the customers. The right loyalty program benefits influence the customers’ decision on choosing a particular retail outlet. The retailers have to make an effort to understand their customers’ expectations of benefits in the form of reward programs. Measuring the effectiveness of the loyalty programs periodically is more profitable for both retailers and customers. This will certainly help to increase the footfalls and conversion rate at the retail outlets. Also, this enhances the retailer brand loyalty in the minds of customer. 

Key Words: Customer Loyalty Program, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Retail Stores, Customer Decision Making, Retail Brand Loyalty.

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