Influence of product involvement and store loyalty towards situational purchase in eateries

Gnanasundari .M, Frank Sunil Justus .T


Situation is a major factor that influences the consumer decision making on both purchase and consumption pattern. Consumers make their purchase decisions based on their current situations like purchase timing, store choice, store atmosphere, type of product, consumer’s mood and other factors. A person’s level of involvement reflects the benefits and costs the consumer expects to receive from buying a product to satisfy a need that occurs in a specific situation. This study tries to identify the influence of product involvement and store loyalty on consumers’ situational snack purchase decision. The research has been done by conducting a personal interview method through a self-constructed quantitative questionnaire among the snack purchasing customers in puduchery eateries.  From this study, situational influences have a direct impact on product involvement and store loyalty which in turn influences consumer purchasing behavior. The marketers should work on factors that increase customer product involvement and store loyalty levels, which simultaneously increase their bonds with the customers. Further study can be elaborated to restaurants, beverages and so on in different geographical areas.

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