Economic empowerment of rural women– A study from Ernakulam district of Kerala, India

Tara Mol K.G.







Women empowerment is an active, multi dimensional process which enables women to realize their potential and powers in all spheres of life. All the poverty alleviation programmes were focused on women as they are economically more disadvantaged than men and as their upbringing and mainstreaming are critical for the economic development of a nation. It has been acknowledged in enumerable studies that the social and economic empowerment of women have a significant positive impact on the poverty eradication and economic development of the country. Therefore the government of India has implemented various schemes to reduce poverty, for empowering poor women and to promote gainful employment. Kudumbashree - the poverty eradication mission of the state of Kerala is a community based self help initiative involving poor women. The emergence and rapid multiplication of Kudumbashree NHGs based on micro credits is a novel strategy that is gaining increasing importance in the development scenario. The slogan of the mission is” reach out to the family through women and reach out to the community through family”. The aim of this study is to investigate the various programmes that were introduced in order to enhance and empower the rural women from the below poverty line of Ernakulum district of Kerala state. Self prepared questionnaire is administered among them to assess their economic development after the participation in Kudumbashree. The finding reveals that economic empowerment of women in kudumbashree is greatly influenced by income generating activities.


Keywords: Kudumbashree, economic empowerment, micro finance, NHGs,


Kenneth Kalyani and Seena P.C., 2012. Socio-economic changes of women through Kudumbashree - A study from Puthanvelikkara(Gp) of Kerala State, India:International Research Journal of Social Sciences, 1(2),1-7

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