Green Behavior Index of Civil Servant of Ministry of Environment of Indonesia in the Jakarta Office

Indira Isnantya Siregar, Suyud Warno Utomo, Rudy Tambunan


As part of the institution that regulates environmental policy, the staff of the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia does not practice pro-environment behavior.  As observed, wasteful use of paper, usage of disposable containers and plastic bags are still seen in the office area.  Therefore, we would like to calculate the index of green behavior of the civil servant of MOE in Jakarta office.  The mean value of the green index from 154 respondents is considered good (0.72) and the number is higher than the 2012 national survey.  The index consists of: behavior of energy saving (0.61), behavior of solid waste disposal (0.71), behavior of water consumption (0.79), behavior of carbon emitter (0.82), behavior of healthy living (0.76) and behavior of fuel consumption (0.74).

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