Import of Chinese Toys in Indian Market: An Empirical Analysis

Kalpana Agrawal, Dhanesh Purohit


Chinese toys have taken over most of the world; one will hardly find toys from local manufacturers on store shelves these days. The present research has been conducted on secondary data of import of toys from China for the period 2008-2009 to 2012-2013. Chinese manufacturer have the capability to significantly undercut prices offered by foreign competitor over a wide range of products. Today as a, result of the “china price” china has captured over 70% of the world market share for toys. Toys can be categorized by age group like infants,toddlers,and  grownups.Therfore china  dominates to electronic market of India, Because the Chinese electronic  toys are much cheaper  than other  country toys, and India is the country of middle class and they want  less expensive products.The import of china toys is good for Indian economy because its provides employment to Indian people. Therefore import of china toys is successful  for Indian economy. As Indian government had put a partial ban on import of toys from china during 2007,the regulations concerning import of   toys from China has become stringent now. As a blanket ban on imports of all toys from China was put in place by India in previous years, which affected China’s export of Toys to India temprorally declined. Results of the study propounded that there will be a constant increase in import value of toys from China during 2014 to 2018.But at the same time it should not be forgotten that present party which has come in center in India, how it will take imports whether it will reassure or discourage it during 2014 to 2018 need more analysis.

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